My name is Franck.

I want to start off by thanking Matthew for his help in setting up this website. I also want to thank my wife, sister and parents for believing in me and in what Butter Daddy can achieve. So here we go!

This website/blog will be dedicated to the discussion and passion for baking and food. I have always wanted to share my experiences and knowledge with culinary enthusiasts.

Through Butter Daddy I also aim to help those who encounter difficulties with preparing food or baked goods. Of course I will help to the extent of my expertise. If I can’t help I will try to guide you in a direction where you will possibly be able to resolve your culinary issue.

A little bit about me. I am a French, born and trained, chef. At the early age of 8 my family and I moved to the states where my Mom and Dad (who is also a chef) worked day and night to achieve the American dream. Now they have a beautiful bakery in Blacksburg Virginia (Our Daily Bread Bakery). At 17 I decided to embark on a voyage called an apprenticeship with my Dad in our Family business formerly known as “Andre’s Pastry Shop and Cafe” in Houston Texas. It lasted two years and it kicked my butt. Then I went to France to study at the Institut National de la Boulangerie-Patisserie in Rouen (I.N.B.P). There I received my diplomas for pastry cook and baker. I then proceeded in working, for free, in a historical hotel/restaurant in Ensisheim, Alsace (la Couronne) for 4 months. There I discovered and learned the base and foundation of cooking. The days were long and the nights were short but in the end the reward of knowledge was well appreciated. At that point, I decided to return to the states and help my family develop our business. We opened our second store and we worked together for 6 more years. In 2007 after my wedding, we sold. My dad and I completed the transition period of the sale and then moved on. We consulted an industrial company in Central America on establishing a pastry line for their customers and we also took some time off. My parents eventually moved to Blacksburg Virginia. My wife and I stayed in Houston and I took an Executive Chef position for Compass Group USA. This was another wonderful experience. There, I was able to tap into my creativity and little exposure to the “hot food” world. It was a great challenge but I eventually blossomed and I believe I was able to acheive a great product. Now my wife and I are in Perth, Australia where I teach Patisserie to very eager students.

I hope Butter Daddy will be a wealth of information and will be able to quench the passion and enthusiasm of the culinary pasionistas out there.

Welcome to Butter Daddy and remember all is greatest in moderation.